Raymond Lefavors Photo

Raymond Lefavor

Raymond Lefavor Co-Founder and CEO of Zero Breach, LLC

Raymond is a designer and product developer. He has a passion for problem-solving and innovation. He is also the owner of Ballistic Vision Safety Glass. BVSG has manufactured and sold tens of thousands of laminated,multi -layered,ballistic safety windows for the machine tool industry since 1999. His wife is a cirriculum director at a public school he saw a desperate need for safer classrooms. He applied his 25 years of ballistic impact knowledge to design revolutionary, bullet-proof classrom door kits and windows are a fraction of the cost of the old door technology that is currently available. These new desgins will transform ordinary, vulnerable classrooms into Level-7 forced entry safe rooms giving school personnel sorely needed tools to every child in the building safe.

Raymond lives in Northern Minnesota with his wife Rachel, a chihuahua, two dachshunds and a overweight cat that hasn't caught a mouse in a decade.